What’s in your homeowners insurance?

The recent slew of severe weather has most of us thinking about one thing: our homes. We’re contemplating what we would do if something were to happen to our homes. We’re wondering what our homeowners insurance would cover.

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Why should I choose an independent insurance agent?

Insurance is sold by two types of agents: captive and independent. Captive agents are tied to a sole company. For example, a State Farm agent can only sell State Farm products. Independent agents, in contrast, represent multiple companies and can provide a variety of products.

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Can you afford not to have workers compensation?

Nobody goes to work thinking, “I’m going to get hurt today. I’m going to fall off a ladder, slip on a recently mopped floor, or injure my hand while transporting files from the car to the office.” Nobody thinks that, but workplace accidents happen all the time. An employee’s hand gets cut on a piece of glass, and it needs stitches. Another employee trips over a box at the loading dock and breaks his or her foot.

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How to make your tax refund last a lifetime

Tax season. Love it or hate it, but it’s that time of year. You’re gathering wage statements, receipts, and whatever other items you need in order to file your taxes with the IRS.

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The sixth love language: life insurance

Many of us have heard of or read the book, The Five Love Languages. We know those languages: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. While those languages are necessary, most of them will only leave a fond memory. They won’t provide for our loved ones when we’re gone. In order to care for our loved ones, we have to learn a new love language, the language of life insurance.

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A legacy of love: life insurance

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Start the New Year Right: Review Your Insurance Coverage

I doubt many people enjoy sorting through insurance paperwork, but the paper cuts and headaches are worth the hassle. Some of my friends thought rental cars were included in their car insurance only to find – after being in a car accident – that they weren’t. My friends ended up having to pay their deductible as well as the cost of a rental. Ouch. If they had reviewed their coverage, they might have noticed the gap in it and paid the few extra dollars per month to have a rental included in their auto insurance.

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