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Unladen Liability Insurance, Why You Need It!

Driving deadhead or Bobtail can create a strange situation in where you do not have a load (Dispatched or not), and are liable for anything that can occur on the drive. Since most rigs (The ones with a sleeper cab … Continue reading

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A Story: Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

One day I saw a story of a man who hopped into his Bobtail that he drove home from a haul to go visit with a friend of his. He picked up his friend and they decided to go to … Continue reading

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Contractors and general liability insurance: five questions you should ask

Contract work of any variety often is dangerous. People are hurt on the job. Damages occur to a property during a project. If you don’t have general liability insurance, your dangerous work also can become very expensive work.

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We are now licensed in Texas and New Mexico.

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Banal (buh NAL) adj. – unoriginal; ordinary Example: The dinner conversation was so banal that Amanda fell asleep in her dessert dish.

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