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Insurance & My Dog

I absolutely love my dog, she’s a 15 year old Yorkie named Zoe who still acts like she’s still a puppy who wouldn’t ever hurt a fly (Although she does try to catch them all the time). This was a … Continue reading

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Why you need home mortgage protection

Home mortgage protection, or mortgage protection insurance (MPI), is not to be confused with private mortgage insurance (PMI). While both insurance policies offer protection to lenders, MPI offers equal, if not greater, protection to you, the policyholder. PMI offers no … Continue reading

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What is an umbrella policy and why do I need one?

An umbrella policy is what it sounds like. It provides an additional layer of protection to your existing auto and property insurance policies. If you exceed the coverages provided by those policies, an umbrella policy will cover the lack.

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What’s in your homeowners insurance?

The recent slew of severe weather has most of us thinking about one thing: our homes. We’re contemplating what we would do if something were to happen to our homes. We’re wondering what our homeowners insurance would cover.

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Start the New Year Right: Review Your Insurance Coverage

I doubt many people enjoy sorting through insurance paperwork, but the paper cuts and headaches are worth the hassle. Some of my friends thought rental cars were included in their car insurance only to find – after being in a … Continue reading

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